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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Waterfront Living in Sarasota

  • Melissa Gissinger
  • 10/17/22

The city of Sarasota, Florida is on the water and full of benefits. The bright blue water within and surrounding the town boosts well-being and improves lifestyle habits in various ways. There’s much to know about this gorgeous oasis.

Breathtaking sights

No matter the location within Sarasota, this city presents multiple environments to enjoy waterfront living. Surrounded by large bodies of water and often referred to as the city by the bay, this part of the sunshine state is nothing short of spectacular, with ample opportunity to choose the ideal waterfront way of life.


Magnificent beach houses in Sarasota provide a unique and private lifestyle on Siestas Key, Lido Key, and Longboat Key beaches. This region is accessible off the causeway and a short distance from city living. Sensational views of downtown are visible while enjoying an island way of life away from the hustle and bustle, yet still close enough to join in when ready.

A laid-back, elegant atmosphere sets the stage in this part of Sarasota, along with sugary sands off the shore and crystal clear cerulean waters alongside gorgeous waterfront homes. Many new developments are towering over the beaches on the barrier islands and share outstanding views in an all-inclusive environment. These new structures include energy-efficient, environmentally safe, and sustainable materials.


Gated community homes along Sarasota Bay offer waterfront luxury and exclusivity while remaining tucked away in groves of mature trees. These homes on the gulf coast blend the horizon with teal and blue ocean views that stretch for miles without sandy shores. Some waterfront residences are hidden within golf communities and host freshwater lakes with picturesque views of a navy hue. Sarasota homes also nuzzle up to sizable lakes with lavish amenities and multiple opportunities to gather waterside with village neighbors. Many of these communities have been newly built and contain upscale shops and spa-like amenities just steps from homes.

Increased health and wellness

A waterfront home is an immediate boost to health and wellness. Multiple studies have shown that the color blue is calming and boosts overall mood, encouraging serenity. Having a home nestled near or on the water stimulates the brain to produce neurochemicals that increase and promote blood flow benefiting the heart and brain.

Healthy homes

Shore homes in Sarasota include windows that incorporate cross ventilation, creating a steady flow of fresh air and promoting optimal lung function. Ocean air is known to thin mucus and reduce hay fever and sinusitis, among other allergy symptoms. It is no secret that increased hours of sleep benefit us all, and the blue in the skies and ocean views along with the sounds of the sea assist in de-stimulating the brain, further adding extended rest periods when lying down for slumber.

Healthy environment

There are various things to do in Sarasota on and around the water. The city has begun an initiative to redevelop the bayfront, enhance the shoreline's environmental protections, and create open public access to the bayfront. An emphasis on community connection and conservation is the primary purpose of this project. The construction for this conservatory takes place in phases, with the successful completion of the first phase adding more public space embedded in nature. Outdoor interests provided by this initiative include boating, kayaking, tai chi, yoga, paddle boarding, and several other outdoor activities at The Bay Park of Sarasota.

Active living

Sarasota, home to a robust art scene and known as a mecca of cultural expression, is called the Culture Coast by art enthusiasts around the globe. Several museums and art galleries combine the elegance of older artworks with contemporary art to prove a balance of old and new can coexist within a modern society. The skills and cultural alliance of Sarasota County serve as an advocate for culture and arts. Members in this coalition maintain a strong relationship with the community and all contributors to this profound, culturally artistic scene. This organization ensures that art remains a focus in the lifestyle of Sarasota residents by incorporating creative skills into the city's structure and encouraging the community to get engaged throughout the year with advocacy, attendance, music or dance events, virtual happenings, programs, and educational opportunities. Observing art not only increases critical thinking skills but allows an escape from anxiety and promotes the mental organization of concepts while learning. Internal exercises such as this result in new ways of understanding objects in their environment. These skills translate to broadening perceptions of our world and opening social networks to influence community lifestyle positively.

Long term investment

Improving your health is undoubtedly an excellent long-term investment as life on the water is a perfect way to amplify an active and thriving lifestyle. A Sarasota waterfront property is an excellent option as a vacation home or as an investment property to use as a rental during the tourist seasons. It will boost ROI and solidify the potential for increasing the bang for your buck for many years.

Home value appreciation

The region's natural attractions promote home values, such as its phenomenal beach-to-bay access, lush greenery, parks, and nature reservations. At the same time, sea views from oceanfront properties are always in high demand. Whether you live in a condominium, single-family residence, townhome, gated community, or village-style living, there are rivers, canals, lakes, or beach home options to delight, excite and enhance all aspects of living in this town.

Where to start

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